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If you’ve ever tried to run an election for your school, you probably already know that it’s a logistical nightmare. Planning for an election starts long before anyone makes a cross on a ballot paper, and there are so many things to take care of. 

A digital voting platform makes it a whole lot easier to create easy, stress free elections for your school. Here’s now. 

Easy to Nominate Candidates

One of the things that many schools do to limit the work involved in their elections is limit the number of candidates on the ballot. This might make it easier to run the election, but it doesn’t ensure that everyone has the choice they would like to vote for. 

A digital voting platform makes it easier to have more candidates for your election, because you don’t need to add them to a real ballot paper, and the platform does the counting for you! 

You can also allow the kids in the school to send in their nominations and have another election to narrow the field if you choose. 

No Ballot Papers

Ballot papers are a headache, aren’t they? First you have to design them, and make sure you have everyone’s name right before you send them to the printers. Then you need to make sure that no one gets into them before or during the election, or they could stuff the ballot boxes and ruin the results. Then there’s the cleanup – boxes and boxes of ballots off to the recycling center! 

Digital voting platforms don’t use ballot papers. So no one can stuff any ballot box, and there’s no after election cleanup to worry about! 

No Ballot Boxes Either

If you’ve ever run a school election, you will know that ballot boxes are like an open invitation for mischief. Along with ballot papers, you’re likely to find all kinds of things in the ballot boxes when you open them. Whether it’s chewed gum or live spiders, it’s no fun for the teachers, volunteers and parents who have to count the votes! 

Real Time Results

Maybe the best thing about digital voting platforms is that you don’t have to count the votes after the  – election – or at all!