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Student Elections homecoming court

Unless you actually work in a school, it’s hard to imagine just how many elections and votes you have to manage. But if you do, you probably have important elections at least a few times every year – and possibly a lot more often than that! 

This is exactly why you might want to try student election software. Here are just a few of the ways you can use this in your school. 

1. Homecoming King and Queen

Let’s be honest – when it comes to elections in high school, there’s nothing that comes close to the vote for homecoming king and queen! Student election software makes it easy for everyone to have their say and a lot harder for anyone to do anything like stuff the ballot boxes! It doesn’t happen often, but it never hurts, to be sure! 

2. Student Council Elections

As far as school elections are concerned, the next big deal is student council elections. These are another great way to use student election software to make sure everyone has the opportunity to vote and that everything is as fair as possible. 

3. Naming Something At the School

From a new school mascot to the new school lawnmower, there’s nothing quite as fun as letting the kids decide on the name! School election software is a great way to let kids choose the name they want to give your new equipment, facilities or anything else. 

4. Choosing A Trip

Sometimes, there is more than one option for a class trip. You might want to choose between two different facilities, or they might be two very different things. Either way, student elections software lets the kids in the affected class make their own decision. It’s a great way to make sure they’re really excited about the trip and to give them some ownership of the decision! 

5. Important School Matters

Whether it’s what you plan to serve in the cafeteria this year to the theme of the next school dance, there are many times when you might want to get input from the student body. Student election software makes it easy to set up polls, elections and other kinds of votes, so you can find out what your students think. 

Why Student Voting Software Just Works Better

When you’re relying on paper ballots to run a student election, all kinds of things could go wrong. 

Some students won’t be at school on the day of the vote, so that they will miss their opportunity. Others might write down jokes instead of an actual valid ballot. Some might even try to rig the election in their favor. 

Electronic student voting software means your students can vote even if they are at home and lets you restrict the options to only the ones you want to be included. It also means that there’s no chance your students will be able to tamper with the votes or the results. 

This means this is the easiest, fairest way to run any kind of election in your school. Why not try a demo today?