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If you work for a school that often has elections and votes, you might be looking for easier way to manage them. Here at, that’s exactly what we do! 

Here’s what you need to know about how online nomination and voting works, so you can decide if it’s right for you. 

One Account Per Person

One of the best things about online nomination and voting is that you can keep the vote anonymous, while still only allowing each person to have one account. Which means that you can be sure that they’re only casting one vote. 

When you use paper ballots, there’s always a chance that someone gets hold of some ballots they shouldn’t have and tries to stack the vote one way or another! But with online nomination and voting, that won’t happen. 

Set Your Own Time Limits

One of the most important things about voting is making sure that everyone casts their vote during the official voting period. One way to do that is to close the polls at a certain time, but even that doesn’t guarantee there won’t be stragglers already in line! 

Online nomination and voting systems allow you to set a predetermined nomination and voting period, which ensures that votes can only be cast during the official election period. 

Accurate and Easy to Use

Online nomination and voting software use a secure database to store all the votes received, so they’re completely accurate, and because there are only a few options available, you can be sure there won’t be any spoiled ballots or write in candidates muddying the counting waters! 

They’re also very easy to use, so even if your students aren’t well versed in voting, they’ll be able to choose the person or choice they want quickly and easily. 

Cloud Based and Accessible Easily

We all hope that there won’t be another mass shutdown of schools any time soon, but we’ve also learned that anything is possible. 

Online nomination and voting software make it easy to hold a fair and accessible election for your school even if you can’t do it in person. So even if we have another round of shut downs and online school, you can still do some of the things that matter most to your students. 

Easy to Set Up and Manage

Maybe one of the best things about online nomination and voting software is that it’s very easy to set up and manage. 

You can create an account, create one or more elections and add all the options you want to give your students in minutes. While the voting is happening, the system also counts the votes and keeps a running tally – so you don’t have to spend hours manually counting paper ballots! 

It’s completely secure too, with a separate administrator section, so only you and your team can access the setup and management tools. 

When it comes to school elections – whatever they might be – online nomination and voting software for schools is the best thing to happen in a very long time!